Union Artillery Artifacts

It is a curious fact that in the pre-Civil War army - both regular and militia -the status of the artillery branch was, with just a very few exceptions, very low. For West Point men a commission into the artillery was not sought after and recruiting of enlisted men was slow Even during the war there were not as many artillery units as might have been expected: by the war's end the Federal Army had deployed some 432 batteries, just 12 percent of all the units that served.

Perhaps because their lives were ruled by the regulations for gun drills, Federal artillery units complied very closely with uniform regulations and unit or personal idiosyncracies do not seem to have been allowed. Thus, all the items on this spread comply with the regulations and show the clear predominance of the branch color -red. The short shell |ackets (10) were worn by horse artillery and the longer coats (8) by foot artillery, while the more elaborately piped jacket signified a bandsman.

1 Light artillery shako hat complete with artillery insignia

2 Bugle

3 Parrott shell

4 121b spherical solid shoi

5 Forage cap as worn by Union gunners

6 Overcoat for mounted troops

7 Hardee hat

8 Union frock coat complete with rank insignia of a Sergeant

9 Musician's shell jacket

10 Artilleryman's shell |acket

11 Waist belt complete with metal


Artillery fuse

fastening buckle


Two packets of artillery fuses

12 Model 1840 Light Artillery saber with


Gunner's haversack complete with

scabbard and waist belt

shoulder carrying strap

13 Model 1869 Colt Army revolver


Artilleryman's service trousers

complete with holster


Non-commissioned officer's sash

14 Belt tor carrying artillery fuse box


Model 1833 Foot Artillery short sword

15 Artillery fuse box as affixed to belt 14

and scabbard

Union Artilleryman Uniform

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