Union Button Dies and State and Service Buttons

Northern buttons, like their

Southern counterparts, provide a vast number of state seal variations and branch indicators and as a result many buttons of the era cannot be positively identified. Thus, on this page the following buttons cannot attributed, apart from the fact that they bear the seals of the following states: New Hampshire (51); New Jersey (52, 53); New York (54, 55); Ohio (56); Pennsylvania (57); Rhode Island (58, 59); Vermont (60); and Wisconsin (61). The last button (62) displays the badge of the U.S. Sanitary Commission.

Such Federal buttons are, in most cases, readily available in quantity at relatively reasonable prices, while there are representative collections at most museums that have a Civil War period exhibit.

1,4,5 Steel die for artillery officers' buttons

2,3 Steel die for engineer officers'

buttons 6 Artillery officers' button 7,8 Steel die for staff officers' buttons continued on next page

Confederate Engineers ButtonsMassachusetts State Seal Button
Afiliaos courtesy f Civil War Library and Museum. Philadelphia. Pa I S. William I Leigh Collection. Chantilly. Va 9-6?

37/^38'X (otnotr (r3^.)ntt:4i 42^43^44 _45'^'46 __47 ^48"

37/^38'X (otnotr (r3^.)ntt:4i 42^43^44 _45'^'46 __47 ^48"

9,10 Staff officer's buttons

11 Artillery officer's button

12 Cavalry officer's button

13 Dragoon officer's button

14 Infantry officer's button

15 Rifle officer's button

16 Voltigeur officer's button

17 Enlisted man's button

18 Staff officer's button 19,20 Engineer officer's button

21 Topographical engineer's button 22-23 Ordnance buttons

24 U.S. Military Academy button

25 Rubber infantry button 26-27 Variations of item 25

28 Plain button

29 Revenue Marine officer's button 30-31,33,35,36 Naval officer's buttons 32,34 Goodyear naval buttons 37-41 Diplomatic service buttons 42 California state seal button 43,44 Connecticut seal button

45 Maine state seal button

46 Maryland state seal

47 Mass. militia button

48 Michigan state seal button

49 Missouri state seal button

50 New Hampshire militia button 51-62 Various state seal buttons

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