Union Cavalry Carbines

Were The English Civil War Started

Arrtacts counesv o' The Cnnl IV,j- itti'aiy ,ml Museum Philadelphia. Pa

Almost all Union carbines were breech-loading and fired special ammunition peculiar to each weapon, with calibers varying from .36 to .69. While great advances in small arms were made during the war, the lack of standardization created major problems. Most companies manufacturing these arms ceased to exist after hostilities came to an end. The Sharps carbine (1) was one of a relatively small number of "capping breech loaders," in which a made-up cartridge of powder and bullet was wrapped in some combustible material, loaded into the breech and then fired by either a percussion cap I or a tape primer. Most of the others, like the Starr cavalry carbine (2), were conventional, lever-action, breech- I loading weapons. The Spencer I carbine (13) was designed by Christopher Spencer (1833-1922) who had little formal education but I was a very energetic inventor, whose designs included a steam- I driven automobile, machinery for silk mills and a screw-cutting

Arrtacts counesv o' The Cnnl IV,j- itti'aiy ,ml Museum Philadelphia. Pa machine. His repeating carbine had a removable tubular magazine in the butt, which housed seven copper rimfire cartridges, which were worked by the lever, which also acted as the trigger guard.

Despite considerable success during the war, Spencer's arms factory went out of business in 1869, most of its stock and machinery being purchased by Oliver Winchester.

Sharps "New Model" 1859 breech-loading carbine with back sight in raised position Starr carbine

Maynard 1st Model carbine "broken" for reloading

Box used to contain cartridges for

Union carbines. Loops at rear enabled it to be attached to waist belt Alternative design of carbine cartridge box with waist belt loops Gallager carbine

Merrill late model carbine with breech open for reloading _continued over ►

Joslyn Army

1 Joslyn Model 1864 carbine

2 Gwyn and Campbell early model carbine with back sight in raised position

3 Carbine sling with attachment device

4 Smith carbine "broken" to permit reloading

5 Burnside 4th Model carbine with breech mechanism partly exposed Spencer carbine with breech mechanism partly exposed and back sight raised. Also showing spring-fed tubular magazine extended for reloading

7 Blakeslee cartridge box intended for use with Spencer carbine item 13

Spencer Rifle



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