Union Hardee Hat and Branch Indicative Insignia

The Hardee hat was named after Lt. Gen. William J. Hardee, who was respected throughout both Union and Confederate armies as the author of a widely used drill manual, which was known simply as Hardees Tactics. Shown here are a number of badges suitable for such a hat for the major arms-of-service: mounted infantry (2, 3); foot infantry (4, 5); ordnance (6); engineers (8); artillery (9, 10), and cavalry (12, 13, 14). Alternative patters of officers cap badges, in black velvet with silver wire embroidered badges are at (6,

11, and 16). The difference in quality between officers' and enlisted men's badges is very marked.

Collecting these branch indicative and unit identifying insignia has always been a popular field and original die variations and unit distinctions make insignia collecting an interesting and challenging field. However, numerous restrikes during the war's centennial, modern replicas, and outright fakes, make it a confusing hobby and caution and expertise are necessary when making acquisitions.

Hardee Hat Replica
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Civil War Infantry Hardee Hat

1 Pattern 1858 army hat

2 Pattern 1858 hat insignia for regiment of mounted riflemen

3 Pattern 1851 hat insignia for regiment of mounted riflemen

4 Pattern 1851 infantry enlisted man's stamped brass hat insignia

5 Pattern 1851 infantry officer's stamped brass insignia

6 Pattern 1851 infantry officer's embroidered hat insignia. The numeral above the horn indicates the regiment

7 Pattern 1851 ordnance enlisted man's stamped brass insignia

8 Pattern 1851 engineer enlisted man's stamped brass insignia

9 Pattern 1851 artillery officer's stamped brass insignia

10 Pattern 1851 artillery enlisted man's stamped brass insignia

11 Pattern 1851 officer s embroidered eagle - all service insignia

12 Pattern 1851 cavalry enlisted man's stamped brass insignia

13 Cavalry officer s stamped brass insignia

14 Unofficial badge of the Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac, of stamped brass

15 Pattern 1851 cavalry officer s embroidered hat insignia

Csa Hardee Hat

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