Union Musicians Equipment

n armies of both sides, military bands existed at regimental level and above, and they served two distinct purposes. First, they provided music on the march and on the parade ground and general entertainment in camp, which was very important when life was dangerous and short and there were few other diversions. The various bugle-calls also signaled the various events of the day, from meal times to "taps" at the end of the day The second function was to provide communications in battle, with drums and bugles providing the combat communications system of commands and calls during battle.

1 Tuba brass instrument

2 Snare drum complete with carrying strap and decorative trim

3 Bugle complete with attachment points for lanyard

4 Eagle style of snare drum with carrying strap and decorative trim

5 Fife made of rosewood

6 Eagle style of snare drum complete with carrying strap and drum sticks. Like the other snare drums, this is handsomely decorated and is a marked contrast to those of the opposing Confederate forces

7 Saxhorn brass instrument

8 Pair of drum sticks complete with carrier and body harness

9 Model 1840 Musician's long sword,

Musicians Sword 1840Engine Cooling System Diagram

complete with scabbard and shoulder harness belt for carrying

10 Baton as used by Union band leaders

11 Keyed bugle

12 Bugle complete with lanyard

Bugle With Band

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