Union Naval Arms and Accouterments

The Union Navy was well-equipped and expanded rapidly as the war progressed, but, unlike the Confederate Navy, the equipment and armament improved as the war progressed and as iron ships replaced obsolete wooden vessels. Having started as a minor force, the U.S. Navy grew into a ma|or player in the defeat of the Confederacy and emerged as a steam navy with a small fleet in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

1 National Flag as displayed by warships of the Union Navy during the Civil War

2 Pike used by Union sailors in hand-to-hand combat when boarding Confederate warships

3 Navigator's parallel ruler of the type used aboard Union warships

4 Presentation case containing 1862 design of Navy Medal of Honor as awarded to Union sailors for conspicuous gallantry in battle The medal was struck by Wm Wilson & Son of Philadelphia, Pa

5 U S Navy Model 1842 muzzle-

Confederate Ironclad Sailor

Aitilacts courtesy of The Civil War liïya'v und Museum Philadelphia. Pa

separately, as a "bowie" knife, with its protective scabbard

9 Union naval officer's cutlass of Model 1860 design

10 Union naval officer's cutlass of Model 1841 design. Note that the Model 1860 has a single edge, while the Model 1841 is double-edged

loading, percussion-fired pistol, complete with integral ramrod Leather case, usually worn on the waist-band, containing primers Stand of grape shot of type used in close-quarter sea battles and intended specifically as an anti-personnel weapon

Dahlgren-manufactured bayonet, which could be employed either as an attachment to a musket, or,

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