Union Naval Ensign

Naval ensigns are normally very large and thus difficult both to collect and to display, Thus, those few that do remain are usually to be found in the larger collections at places such as the United States Navy Museum at the Washington

Navy Yard and the United States Naval Academy Museum, Annapolis, Md, although this particular example comes from The Civil War Library and Museum in Philadelphia, Pa.

This ensign was flown aboard the USS San Jacinto, a 2,200 ton screw corvette sloop, armed with twelve 8-inch (203mm) and four 32-pounder guns. Earlier in the war, on November 8, 1861, this vessel, then commanded by Captain Charles Wilkes, U.S.N., stopped the British ship Trent which was carrying Confederate commissioners. Later, in January 1865, the San Jacinto was under the command of Captain Richard W Meade, U.S.N., when it ran aground and was wrecked in the Bahamas.

Union Ironclad Ensigns

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