Union Officers Camp Equipment

The individual officer could exert a major influence over the degree of discomfort he suffered when on campaign, and, as in all armies, officers could enjoy comforts not available (or not permitted) to the troops. Nevertheless, all is not quite as it appears at first sight Thus, among the personal items shown here, those that stand out as lavish - and thus potentially divisive between the commissioned ranks and the soldiers - is the silver service of a Ma|. Cassals, which includes two silver goblets (1) and (21), a cut-glass decanter (20), and a very elaborate liquor case (28). But, the service is inscribed "To 'Our Captain,' Major John Cassals, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, from

Company C, Bermuda Hundred, Virginia, November 4, 1864." One can only wonder at the loyalty which Maj Cassals inspired and at the amount of money such a gift must have cost his soldiers, but clearly they felt that he deserved it and was entitled to use it. The field desk (16) upon which most of the exhibits rest belonged to Lt. Col Joseph Fulton Boyd

1 and 2 Silver goblet and tray

3 Brass traveling candlestick

4 Ledger

5 Tin document tube

6 Newspaper

7 Military forms

8 Silvei pitcher with tray

Hurricane Goblet Style Lamps

AtUlacls cuufltfsy of Tr-.tj Civil Wat Libtaty and Mot>tn*i". PlutMnlinina. Pa

Camping Army Field Desk

9 Ceramic cup • 0 Sand shaker

1 Quill pen and ink

2 Carte-de-visite •3 Military documents

14 Ledger

15 Silver personal box

16 Field desk

17 and 18 Ledgers

19 Map

20 Glass decanter Irom item 28

21 Silver Goblet

22 Newspapers

23 U.S. Army blanket

24 Traveling/folding writing desk

25 Officer's frock coat

26 Officer's silk sash

27 Model 1850 foot officer's sword together with scabbard

28 Traveling liquor case

29 Hand mirror

30 and 31 Straight razor and case

32 Field chest

33 Military manuals

34 Officer's high boots

35 Folding camp chair

36 Binoculars and case

37 Newspaper

38 Patent cast-iron camp stove, made in Philadelphia

39 Tin coffee cup

40 Tin coffee boiler

Confederate Photographs Blanket

Union Camp Artifacts

For the Union soldier, unlike his Confederate counterpart, a few personal items were actually government-issue, including the rubber-backed blanket (15), metal canteens (4, 17), and tarred haversack (11) and knapsack (12), seen here. The scanty personal items possessed by the common soldier assumed greater importance to him as the war went on, because they were virtually the only items that were truly his and set him apart from his messmates; as a result, he would guard them tealously.

1 Patent coffee boiler

2 Haversack

3 Tin cup

4 Model 1858 canteen

5 Porcelain cup

6 Coffee boiler

7 Housewife

8 Sewing kit

9 Handkerchief

10 Folding candle stands

11 Haversack

12 Knapsack

13 Tin cup

14 Sibley stove

15 Rubber blanket

16 Chess set

17 Model 1858 canteen

18 Folding cup

19 Hardtack

20 Tin plate and spoon

21 Eating utensils

22 Coffee pot

23 Pipe and tobacco

24 Matches

25 Tintype

26 Diary and pocket bible

27 Pocket watch

28 Straight razor and case

29 Pocket mirror

30 Manuals

31 Playing cards

32 Folding combination eating utensil

33 Haversack

Civil War Carved Folding Pocket Mirror

Artifacts courtesy ol The Museum ot The Confederacy. Richmond, Va

Confederate Knapsacks

Awiacls coonesy ol TheOmlWai Libnrv and Museum. n,ladcb>h<ii r.i ' 510. 14 I6-7V J Cr«jrt»iws i:-«xw*> M II '< Ii - f

Confederate Camp Artifacts

Much Confederate equipment was civilian material pressed into service, such as household or camp utensils. Homespun garments, a few trinkets, a pipe carved from soapstone, all were the sorts of items to be found in any Confederate's knapsack. These he augmented, when he could, by appropriating from the dead whatever they would no longer need. Field adaptations were common and the best equipment was usually captured from Union forces. Such private belongings may have been few in number and seemed crude in nature, but they were highly prized and many a Southerner would fight and even kill to keep them safe from other hands.

1 Blanket

2 Tin cup

3 Wooden personal effects box

4 Shaving kit

5 Pipe and handmade tobacco box

6 Wallet

7 Match safe

8 Tent lantern

9 Piece of hardtack

10 Tin cups

] 1 Handmade pipe

12 Mess tin

13 Leather cup

14 Ladle

15 Skillet

16 and 18 Folding combination eating


17 and 19 Tin cups

20 Nut bowl

21 Personal effects bag

22 Lighting device

23 Candle

24 Candle holders

25-28 Matches and lighting devices

Awiacls coonesy ol TheOmlWai Libnrv and Museum. n,ladcb>h<ii r.i ' 510. 14 I6-7V J Cr«jrt»iws i:-«xw*> M II '< Ii - f

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