Union Officers Presentation

Swords (continued)

Mine Creek Battlefield Museum

Artifacts courtesy oI The Civil Wai library and Museum. Philadelphia Pa

Most of the swords seen here were probably the outcome of a subscription among fellow officers or soldiers and are of much better quality than the regulation swords they were based on. However, the two swords (7) and (8), presented to Generals Meade and Blair, while of essentially similar design to each other, are spectacular and with sufficient differences to make them truly individual items. Both were made by Bailey and Company of Philadelphia, with inset semiprecious stones and enamel decoration. Few swords of the quality seen here remain in private hands, the majority of them residing in institutional collections.

1 Cavalry saber presented to Lt. Col Gabriel Middleton, 20th Pennsylvania Cavalry

2 Sword presented to Ma|. William Sterling Moorhead, 76th Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry

3 Foot officer's sword in lined case, presented to Captain Poinsett Cooper, 42nd New York Volunteer Infantry, together with his maroon silk sash, buff leather gauntlets, and sword belt

4 Presentation-quality Model 1850 staff

Artifacts courtesy oI The Civil Wai library and Museum. Philadelphia Pa

99th Pennsylvania Volunteer InfantryModel 1850 Foot Officer Sword

and field officer's sword presented to First Lt. Isaac Seesholtz, 118th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

5 Presentation-quality Model 1850 staff and field officer's sword presented to Col Thomas E. Barker, 12th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry

6 Militia staff and field officer's sword and case, presented to Col Peter Fritz, 99th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

7 Deluxe sword presented to Mai Gen. George Gordon Meade, commander, Army of the Potomac

8 Deluxe sword presented to Ma| Gen. Francis P. Blair

Gettysburg Artifacts
Artifacts courtesy of Gettysburg Museum of the Owl Wa<, Gettysburg. Pa

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