Union Zouave and Rifle Officers Uniforms and Equipment

Nowhere was the approach to infantry uniforms more starkly demonstrated than in the uniforms of the rifle regiments (also known as "sharpshooters") and the zouaves. Rifle uniforms were designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, the color of the uniforms being usually a dark green or a dark blue. The branch insignia had a green background, and the piping was also green. These elite units were few in number and surviving equipment is correspondingly very rare

The known individual owners of the items shown here were: Lt. Col. William Fowler, 146th New York Regiment (14, 15); Col. Augustus Funk, 39th New York Regiment, (Garibaldi Guard) (4, 5, 6); Lieut W.H. Mallory, 5th New York Regiment (Duryee's Zouaves (11, 12); Lt. Col. Frederick Mears, 1st U.S. Sharpshooters (3).

Marine Officer Uniforms
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1 Rifle officer's Hardee hat insignia of the 8th New York Regiment (German Rifles)

2 Rifle officer's hat insignia

3 Sharpshooter officer's frock coat

4 Hat insignia, 39th New York, (Garibaldi Guard).

5 and 6 Officer's epaulette numerical designation

7 Shoulder strap insignia

8 Officer's sword belt

9 Non-regulation officer's sword, a German manufactured import

10 Officer's false boot tops

11 Officer s trousers, 5th New York Regiment (Duryee's Zouaves)

12 Foiage cap, 5th New York Regiment (Duryee's Zouaves)

13 A non-regulation Bartholomae's Patent Water Filtration Canteen

14 Forage cap. 146th New York Regiment

15 Short jacket

16 Smith & Wesson No. 2 Army rimfiie revolver, taking a 32 caliber cartridge

Duryee ZouavesUnion Officers Uniform

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