US Midshipman in Service Dress 1862 and West Point Cadet

Representing long-held traditions when the Civil War broke out, the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, and the United Stat es Military Academy at West Point, New York, both offered a small but steady supply of educated and trained young officers for the Union war effort. The midshipman at left displays the traditional Naval Academy dress of short blue jacket and blue trousers, with naval cap- and collar-badges. Next to him stands a cadet sergeant from West Point, considerably more resplendent in black shako with pom-pom, cadet gray short jacket with "frogging" in black, white gloves and crossbelt, and gray pants with black stripe. On certain occasions white trousers were optional. For all but a very few of these young men who graduated after the war commenced, there would not be time to achieve the rank and reputation that went to the prewar-graduates of the academies.

Usna Service Uniforms

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Naval artifacts in general are quite scarce, due primarily to the fact that the Navy was small in comparison to the Army. Much naval material was also quite functional, and postwar changes in regulations did not necessarily make uniforms obsolete; so they were worn until worn out.

Blue wool frock coat of Asst Engineer William A Dripps White linen sack coat of Asst Surgeon Jacob Solis-Cohen Solis-Cohen's wool vest Solis-Cohen's wool frock coat Solis-Cohen's rubberized foul-weather leggings

Solis-Cohen's canvas sea-bag Monocular glass

Naval ordnance instructions manual of Lt Eli D. Edmunds Model 1852 naval officer's sword of Asst Engineer George W. Melville Sword bell and plate of Asst

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Paymaster George A Lyon

11 Solis-Cohen's wool vest

12 Octant - a navigational instrument

13 Shoulder straps of a First Asst. Engineer

14 Non-regulation naval officer's sword

15 Folding scalpel from

16 Solis-Cohen's medical case

17 Oil cloth foul weather-leggings of Asst. Surgeon Solis-Cohen

18 Naval medal for service on the USS Brooklyn

19 Regulation Model 1841 Eaglehead naval officer's sword

Solis Cohen



Lieutenant Corrmandflf

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