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You can buy individual digital scores or join for unlimited downloads of all our sheet music. Originals And Arrangements For All Abilities And Instruments. There are sound files for all our sheet music, you can hear them whether you play an instrument or simply enjoy listening to classical music. There is also an interactive plug-in which will let you view and play our sheet music live. A great tool to see if the sheet music is suitable for you. Read more here...

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As in any civil war, the two sides in this conflict shared a common musical heritage and they enjoyed basically the same music of prewar origin, although some new music was written during the conflict. Most Southern instruments were of either prewar manufacture or imported, although there was a major manufacture of drums in Richmond. As battle began, the men of the Confederacy would march to the guns, flags flying and band playing to boost their morale and heighten their patriotic fervor. 1...

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