This Second Xational Flag was used jis the headquarters ll.ig ofMaj, Gen. Robert F. Hoke, who commanded troops defending Petersburg, Virginia, until ordered in December 1S64, to Xorth Carolina, where he served until surrendering with Joseph Johnston 's army after Bentonville. (Xorth Carolina Museum of History!

Bentonville History

This machinc-scwn Second Xational Flag is the product of the Richmond Clothing Depot and hears the unit designation around the centre star in the canton along with buttle honours, the latest of which is Gettysburg (i-j July 1861). (\orth Carolina .Museum of History)

many other Southerners were descended from French stock.

After a great deal of consideration the hill was passed by the Senate w ithout change on 6 February 18(15 antl by the House of Representatives on 27 February. It was signed into law on 4 March iXft^

at which time the Confederacy measured its continued political existence in weeks. Indeed, because the Confederacy was so short-lived, few Third National Flags were made and most of those that were, were made by simply shortening the fly of Second National Flags and adding the red bar.

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