Guerrilla Leaders

William "Bloody Bill" Anderson (Confederate) A Missourian and one of Quantrill's (q.v.) captains, Anderson seems to have gone insane after one of his sisters died in a Kansas City prison collapse. He often charged into battle muttering her name and frothing at the mouth, yet he remained a cunning tactician. His penchant for killing civilians and scalping soldiers earned him the reputation as the most merciless of the Bushwhackers. After Quantrill's group broke up in the winter of 1863/64 Anderson led his own band -including the James brothers - and was killed on October 26, 1864. Champ Ferguson (Confederate) A Kentucky farmer accuscd of murdering a sheriff before the war, Ferguson organized a guerrilla unit in the mountains of eastern Tennessee to attack Unionist civilians and fight "Tinker Dave" Beaty (q.v,). He occasionally worked with Confederate forces and may have been made an official partisan ranger, although this is debated. He developed a reputation for sadism, and at the end of the war was found guilty of 53 murders and executed. Ferguson himself claimed that the number was more like 100, although he protested he was only doing his duty. William Quantrill (Confederate) An Ohio schoolteacher who lived in Kansas during the border wars, Quantrill became a notorious guerrilla. He started out with ten men protecting Jackson County, western Missouri, from Jayhawker raids, and quickly gathered more recruits. During the Civil War his group sometimes numbered in the hundreds. They killed soldiers and civilians alike, and on August 21, 1863 they destroyed Lawrence, Kansas, killing about 200 mostly unarmed men and boys. His band broke up due to infighting in the winter of 1863/64, and he was killed in Kentucky on June 6, 1865.

William Quantrill Men

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