Isbn 1872004547


The authors and publisher wish to record their gratitude for the generous assistance of many people during the preparation of this book, including particularly the following: Nick Bacon, Mark Beaby, Peter Bentham Hill, Gareth Blyth, John Crawford, Barry Denton, Howard Giles, Mark Harrison, Chris Johnson, Stuart Reid, Keith Roberts, David Ryan, Margaret Smith, Kelvin Spooner, Des Thomas, John Tincey, Dennis Ward, Tig Wright; (at Basing House) Ian Barret, Simon Frame, Phil French, Gerry Hughes, Geoff King, Dave Laurent, John Litchfield, Andrew Munro, Nigel Preece, Les Prince, Ian Tindle, Alan Turton (Curator), Dave Vogel, Ian Whittaker, David Wilson; (at Clifford's Tower) Paul Cramer, Robert Burrell Draper, Michael Fagin, Nigel Walton. Particular thanks to all in Earl Rivers' Regiment of Foot for their help over the years.

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