Mine Creek BattlefieldThe Battle Powick Bridge

(Top left & right) The last shots fired, musketeers reverse their weapons and rush forward to fight hand-to-hand with the butts. This was a recognised tactic, not an act of individual desperation (the 17th century command was "Fall on pell-mell!"); the heavy musket with its angular butt was a murderous skull-crusher. Edgehill, SK.

(Left) A last desperate pike charge as the climax of battle approaches. Second Newbury, SK.

Mine Creek Battlefield

(Left) A trooper of Prince Rupert's Lifeguard comes to hand-to-hand with a doubly-armed Highlander: Rannoch's Company of Sword, SK, at Weston Super Mare.

(Right) Parliamentarian officer and Royalist pikeman struggling over a barricade: Second Newbury, SK.

Mine Creek BattlefieldImages Powick

(Left) Re-enactment is a "contact sport", and battles can become heated between units which enjoy particular rivalry. Pendennis Castle, SK.

(Below) A Royalist officer "kills" a disarmed enemy musketeer. Summary execution of prisoners, almost unknown in the early campaigns, became more common as the bitter years of civil war dragged on. Edgehill, SK.

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