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I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

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Brain Evolution System

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The Battle of Chancellorsville

Union Soldier Battle Chancellorsville

Many people think that soldiers in the Civil War fought nearly every day. Actually, though, one of the main characteristics of daily life in the army camps was boredom. Soldiers in the Civil War spent an average of fifty days in camp for every one day they fought in battles. While in camp, they settled into a routine of training and relaxation. For soldiers in the Union Army, a typical day began with roll call early in the morning, followed by breakfast. Then the men spent most of the morning and early afternoon marching and performing drills. Most soldiers did not like the endless drilling, but it did help them learn to follow orders and work together as a unit.

Trousers and Uniform Accessories of Maj Gen P G T Beauregard CSA

Admiral Epaulettes

Beauregard's trousers were a regulation gray with the correct general's twin gold stripes while his sash was an equally correct canary yellow. His tasseled beret was no doubt intended for off-duty relaxation and was almost certainly embroidered by a lady, possibly his wife. The epaulettes, however, were intended to be worn with uniform and must have been made specially for Beauregard somewhere in the Confederacy or imported from Europe. The kepi, too, is very ornate, with its crimson color and brown leather peak offset by the gold braid.


Confederate Ironclads Images

In this moment of relaxation aboard USS Catskill, Lieutenant Commander Edward Barrett is seated in front of the pilothouse which surmounted the turret of the Passaic-class monitors. The llin. and 15in. Dahlgrens peer through her gun ports, while her two 12-1 b brass boat guns stand at the ready either side. Note how the muzzle of the 15in. gun remains within the turret, while the llin. clears the gun port. (Library of Congress LC-B8171-3412)

Staying Relaxed

Staying Relaxed

Start unlocking your hidden power with self hypnosis by relaxing and staying relaxed. This is just the audio you have been looking for to do just this.

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