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It is fair to claim that the hobby of historical re-enactment and living history* in Britain owes its birth and ever-increasing popularity to a private party held in 1967 by the late Brigadier Peter Young to celebrate the publication of his book on the battle of Edgehill. From these small beginnings grew the Sealed Knot, the largest historical re-enactment society in Europe, and the more recently founded English Civil War Society. Today, summer weekends across the country may see up to 3,000 enthusiasts for 17th century history muster with pike and musket, horse and cannon to restage one of the battles of the English Civil Wars - probably the most tumultuous period in British history. With a membership of several thousand men and women, these societies are dedicated to the study and accurate portrayal of the armies and 'camp-followers' of the days of Prince Rupert and Cromwell. A great deal of valuable research and specialist publication has grown out of the more vigorous aspects of the hobby, as have educational projects and charitable fund-raising. In this colourful record of the 17th century re-enactment hobby, photographers


SPEAR present a fascinating collection of 150-plus photographs conveying the pleasure and excitement of this unique pastime, and the dedication of its followers.


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140th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

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