American Civil Union Army

Robin Smith

Brassey's History of Uniforms

Current titles

American Civil War: Confederate Army American Civil War: Union Army Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon's Army Napoleonic Wars: Wellington's Army English Civil War Mexican-American War 1846-48 Barbarian Warriors: Saxons, Vikings and Normans Roman Army: Wars of the Empire

Forthcoming titles

Spanish-American War 1898 World War One: British Army World War One: German Army British Army: Zulu War to Boer War

About the author

Robin Smith has had a life-long interest in the American Civil War, studying and researching its history throughout the United States. As an American Civil War re-enactor he has links with all major Civil War societies on both sides of the Atlantic. lie is also the author of a recently published study on Zouaves as well as a series of articles for Military Illustrated, the leading military history magazine.

Brassey's History of Uniforms

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