American Civil War Organisations

The American Civil War Round Table (UK) is Britain's leading Civil war study group and one of hundreds of American Civil War Round tables around the world. The American Civil War Round table (UK) has members all over Britain and regular meetings are held, usually in London. For further information contact, Tony Daly, 57 Bartlemas Road, Oxford OX4 1XU. Tel: 01865201216.

The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States is open to direct and collateral descendants of commissioned officers of the Union Army and was founded in 1865. For information contact Robert G. Carroon, 23 Thompson Road, West Hartford, Connecticut, 01072535.

Sons Of Union Veterans of the Civil War is open to male descendants of Civil War soldiers. Write to S.U.V.C.W. 1310 Forest Park Avenue, Dept TC, Valparaiso, IN 46383.

Heritagepac is a national lobbying group dedicated to preserving American battlefields against business concerns who want to turn battlesites into shopping malls or housing developments. For information write to P.O. Box 7281, Little Rock AR 72217.

The Save Historic Antietam Foundation is aimed at preserving one of America's most important Civil War battle sites. For information contact SHAF at P.O. Box 550, Sharpsburg, MD 21782. Phone: 3014322522.

The Bucktail Regimental Association studies and celebrates the men of Pennsylvania's famous Bucktail regiments. P'or information contact Major Richard Miller, 1405 Blue Mountain Parkway, Harrisburg, PA 17112. Phone 7175459830.

The Fourteenth Brooklyn Regiment, New York State Militia Society of New York Inc, preserves the memory of the famous Red legged devils, one of the most outstanding regiments of the Civil War. Write to Morton Berger, 2978 Ave. 'W' Apt 2A Brooklyn N.Y. 11229 for details. Mr Berger is the society's historian and curator of the 14th Brooklyn's armoury.

The Ulysses S. Grant Network promotes the study of the fabled Union general. Write for details to Donna Noralich, 238 Morse Avenue, Wyckoff N.J. 07481 USA.

T he Company Of Military Historians has published many articles and plates on American Civil War regiments and its international membership boasts the cream of Civil War scholars. For details write to The Company of Military Historians, North Main Street, CT 06498 USA.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is open to descendants of men who fought for the South during the Civil War. For information write to Arthur Kuydenkall Jr, 193 Clover Ridge Ct, Edgewater Florida, 32141, USA.

The John Pelham Historical Association celebrates the life and times of the South's finest horse artillery commander. For membership details write to Peggy Vogtsberger, 7 Carmel Terrace, Hampton YA 23666, USA. Phone: 8048383862.

The Turner Ashby Historical Society commemorates the life and times of Southern hero, Turner Ashby. Write to Patricia Walenista, 810 W. 30th Street, Richmond VA 23255, USA. Phone 8042323406.

The Immortal 600 Memorial Fund commemorates Confederate officers who have no marked graves. For details write to The Immortal 600 Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 652, Sparta, GA 31087.

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