British Reenactment Groups

In Britain, the two main umbrella organisations for American Civil War re-enactment groups are the Southern Skirmish Association, Soskan, and the American Civil War Society the A.C.W.S. For information about joining Soskan write to, The Secretary, Southern Skirmish Association, PO Box 485, Swindon SN2 6BF. As this book went to press Soskan had the following Northern Southern units, for prospective recruits to choose from.

2nd U.S. Artillery Battery A 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters 2nd U.S. Cavalry 18th Missouri 28 th Massachusetts 42nd Pennsylvania 1 st Minnesota Infantry 1st Minnesota Artillery 79th New York Veteran Reserve 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

1 st Arkansas

15th Arkansas

9th Kentucky

16th Tennessee

Palmetto Sharpshooters

4th Virginia

7th Virginia Cavalry

17th Virginia

23rd Virginia

Confederate Artillery

Virginia Medical Department

For information about the A.C.W.S. write to PO Box 52, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, IID6 1JQ and you can be put in touch with one of the following Northern/ Southern units

2nd U.S. Infantry

24th Michigan

2nd Wisconsin

19th Indiana

14th Brooklyn

69th New York

2nd U.S. Artillery Batter)- B

The 24th Michigan can also be contacted directly by writing to Mark Gregory 82 Bricrly Street, Bury, Lancashire BL9 9HW. Phone: 01617052433.

4th Virginia Infantry

Soldier of 31st Pennsylvania Infantry with family in camp Slocum, near Washington DC c.1861. Peter Newark's Military Pictures / M. Brady.

32 nd Virginia Infantry

1st Tennessee Infantry

43rd Borth Carolina Infantry

43rd North Carolina Infantry

2nd South Carolina Infantry

13th Mississippi Infantry

4th Texas Infantry

1st Louisiana Zouaves

Washington Artillery of New Orleans

Virginia Artillery

55 th Virginia

Widely acclaimed as Britain's finest American Civil War reenactment group, the 55th Virginia Infantry is an independent unit and not a member of either Soskan or the A.C.W.S. The 55th is noted for the excellence of its drill displays, authentic dress, accoutrements, and encampments. For information write to: Richard O'Sullivan, Flat 11, Grove Lodge, Crescent Grove, Clapham Common, London SW4 7AE. Phone: 01716224109.

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