Ideally infantrymen were supposed to receive four pairs of boots a year. The standard issue were ankle

Coates Kersey

Infantry private poses with his coat open over his shirt but decorum dictated that his coat should still be buttoned at the collar. Note the height of his kersey trousers coming up well over his waist. His forage cap is standard issue. David Scheinmann.

boots made of leather usually made with the rougher flesh side of the leather on the outside. Soles were sewn to the uppers or fastened by pegs or nails. It appears that the footwear issued, like so many uniforms, could be of dubious quality. Stories of soldiers wearing their boots out with six days of hard

Comrades Infantry

Cutting a much smarter appearance than many of his comrades in arms, this infantry private has chosen to wear a regulation frock coat and the piping shows up particularly well in the photograph. He looks neat and his brass work is well polished. Just visible behind his feet can be seen the bottom of a stand which photographers stood their subjects against to support them, so that they would not move and blur their images. David Scheinmann.

marching are not unusual. Army boots were often called brogans and if the sewn soles wore out quickly they were often replaced with pegged soles. For

David Arms Bow Ties
Infantry private wearing a non-regulation vest under his coat and also a non-regulation bow tie or cravat. Such individual touches were far from unusual. David Scheinmann.

greater comfort, to stop the boots binding round their ankles, soldiers would sometimes cut the tops of their boots down. In the summer some men privately purchased lightweight canvas and leather sporting shoes to wear, which were not unlike modern day bowling shoes.

Tactical Bowling Boots

Private posing without accoutrements in front of a photographer's backdrop, wearing a particularly long looking sack coat which it seems he's somehow endeavoured to tuck up around his waist. David Scheinmann.

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