Combat Aircraft

Technical information from the world's leading aviation writers on the century's most significant military aircraft. Each 96-page volume contains up to 40 specially commissioned artworks, unit listings, new scale plans and the best archival photography available.

The Scots subjects of Kings Charles I and II played key roles in the English Civil Wars. The meddling of the Stuart kings with Scotland's religious traditions provoked the National Covenant, and later the Solemn League and Covenant, led by very able generals such as Lord Leven and David Leslie. Yet many Scots - such as the brilliant 'guerrilla general' Montrose - continued to support the King and, after his execution, his exiled son, until Cromwell's final crushing victory at Dunbar in 1650. Drawn from primary sources, the author's text is supported by many fascinating period quotations, and by an important eyewitness record of regimental colours.

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