The Army of Turkestan

Created on 22 January 1919, the Army of Turkestan was under the command of I t.(┬┐en. V. Savitsky. By I May 1919 it numbered 7,000 infantry, 2,000 cavalry and three armoured trains, organised as follows: Zakaspiyskaya (Trans-Caspian) Composite Inf. Div. (Maj.Gen. Lazarev); Turkestanskava Rifle Div. (Maj.Gen. Litvinov); Cavalry Division (Maj.Gen. Oraz-Khan Scrdar); and an artillery brigade. The army was to all intents destroyed by the Reds by December 1919, and officially ceased to exist in February 1920. Throughout its existence the Army of Turkestan acted in concert with the 15,000 Basmac.hi (Muslim freedom fighters) of Djunaid Khan.

Turkmenistan Army
The Kurbashi (chiefs) of several Turcoman Basmachi detachments. The fur hats and cloaks (of men in the rear rows) are typical for the Turkmenistan area in 1921.

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