There is no one book which will give you all information you require on the American Civil War, but there is a wide range of books currently available on this popular subject and some of these supply information on uniforms as well as weapons, equipment and tactics. Two such books are Mike Blake's American Civil War Infantry and American Civil War Cavalry, both published by Almark. Blandford's Uniform of the American Civil War in colour by Philip Haythornthwaite also provides a great deal of information on weapons and the background to the war. R.F. Weigley's History of the U.S. Army, published by Collier-Macmillan in 1967, is still available and fills most of the gaps left by the books already mentioned.

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, four volumes published by Thomas Yoseloff of New York, gives hundreds of accounts of the war but is expensive

Airfix Foreign Legion figures painted as 14th New York Volunteers with red kepi and trousers and white gaiters. The problem of the Zouave blouse is overcome by the fact they are wearing greatcoats, which are painted pale blue.

and not easy to borrow through the library system. It also gives some of the 'atmosphere' or 'feel' of the war, which assists in obtaining realism, or serves as inspiration when your eyes get tired of painting soldiers! Also in this category are Paul Jones' The Irish Brigaded New English Library, 1971), and Soldier Life edited by Philip van Doren Stern (Fawcett Publications, 1961.)

More specialist studies of the war, which are invaluable, are G.F.R. Henderson's Stonewall Jackson (Longmans, 1961) and Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat by Grady McWhiney (Columbia University Press, 1969.) These deal with the eastern and western theatres respectively.

Good summaries of the war are The Civil War by Harry Hansen (Mentor Books); The Civil War by J.S. Blay (Bonanza Books, New York); and The Penguin Book of the American Civil War by Bruce Catton.

Wargames rules

Most published rules do not separate the Civil War from the Napoleonic Wars sufficiently and do not allow for the variety of infantry firearms, the fact that cavalry no longer charged infantry on the battlefield, the differences in organisation, allow too high a percentage of repeating firearms, etc. Two sets of rules which I have tried and can recommend as worthy of experiment as a contrast to my own personal rules are: American Civil War Rules by the Confederate High Command, published and sold by Skytrex Ltd of Loughborough, Leics; and Rules for the American Civil War c. 1863 by the British Model Soldier Society War-games Section.

Wargames clubs

If you do not have an opponent, and do not wish to play all your games solo, get in touch with your nearest war-games club: a club directory is published by Model Et Allied Publications Ltd of Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Such wargames clubs have many

Badly needed Umbers can be quickly made from the Airfix Wagon Train set front axle assembly, built up with balsa. Wagon train sets also provide several figure conversions.

advantages—for the beginner in particular they can provide a fund of information and cheerful assistance on problems by experienced players.

Model soldier manufacturers

Miniature Figurines Ltd, 28/32 Northam Road, Southampton. 25 mm metal figures. A complete range. Tradition, 5a & 5b Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London W1. 25 mm metal figures. A complete range. Rose Miniatures, 15 Llanover Road, London SE18 3ST. 25 mm metal figures. Infantry, cavalry and artillery.

Hinchliffe Models Ltd, Meltham, Huddersfield. 'Big' 25 mm figures. A complete range.

Hinton Hunt, Rowsley, River Road, Taplow, Bucks. 20 mm metal figures. A complete range.

K & L Company, PO Box 3781, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74152, USA. A very full range of 20 mm metal figures.

C-in-C, distributed in UK by Micro-Mold Ltd, Station Road, East Preston, Sussex BN16 3AG. 20 mm metal figures. Limited range at present, but increasing.

Mounted Indians firing bows: made from Airfix Indians by pinning the upper halves of bowmen to the legs of mounted figures.

Building conversions are also possible and necessary. as there are few buildings on the market which are suitable for the ACW. Shown here is a jailhouse and courthouse building from the Airfix railway station, as modelled for an article in Airfix Magazine.

Airfix Products Ltd, available from Woolworths and most model shops. H0/00 plastic figures. Between 20 mm and 25 mm and not suitable for use with 25 mm metal figures, although they can be used with 20 mm metal figures if thicker card bases are used for the latter. A full range is produced which can be increased by conversions of the Cowboy, High Chaparral, Indians,

Wagon Train and Foreign Legion sets.

Most of these manufacturers advertise regularly in Airfix Magazine, Military Modelling and Wargamer's Newsletter. Up-to-date additions to their lists and the charges for their full catalogues may be found in these magazines. The recommended rules are also advertised in these magazines.

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