John Singleton Mosby

Born December 6, 1833 Powhatan County, Virginia Died May 30, 1916 Washington, D.C.

Confederate guerrilla leader Tormented Union forces in northern Virginia from 1863 to 1865 as commander of "Mosby's Rangers"

During the course of the Civil War, groups of armed raiders known as "guerrillas" or "rangers" sprouted up all across the Confederacy to fight against invading Union armies. A number of these groups amounted to little more than semior-ganized bands of outlaws who became best known for episodes of drunkenness and mindless violence. But other Southern guerrilla units operated with great effectiveness against important Union patrols and supply lines. The best of these guerrilla companies was commanded by John Singleton Mosby, a native Virginian whose bravery and dedication made him one of the most feared and respected of Confederate military leaders.

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