Chicago Light Artillery: Formed in 1H47. the unit saw service during the Civil War as Batteries A liir] B. Illinois Light Artillery. The uniform was the 1856 I'S Army regulation style with its shako bearing the letters '01 .A' on front, and dark blue frot k coat with red facings. Trousers were grey with two red stripes down each leg. Elgin Continentals: ! ormed shortly before the war. thc\ were converted into artillery, serving as die Elgin Battery of Artillery on active Federal service, riiey wore dark blue copies of American uniforms from the War of Independence, with buff collars, cutis, lapels, and coat linings: black cocked hats; and buff waistcoats and breeches. Peoria Blues: The unit's Civil War service was as pan of die 47th Illinois Infantry. Its uiuforms consisted of regulation IS Army 1856 dress, with minor changes.

Rockford Blues: Formed just before the War, the unit became Co.K, t ith Illinois Infantry , in 1861. fhey were descriln-d April 1861 in the Chicago Tribune as wearing 'a dark blue cloth fatigue dress with Zouave caps' i.e., kepis..

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