North Carolina

Anson Guards. Serving as (¡o.C. 141b North Carolina Infantry during the Civil W ar, ibis unit's original uniform included red shirts and w hite linen trousers.

Cabarrus Guards: This unit's Confederate service was as Co.A, 10th North Carolina Infantry. Dress caps were lopped with a red, while, and blue plume; coats were dark bine with white lace trim; and trousers were light blue with a white stripe, Duphin Rifles: The unit was first designated Co.C, jikI North Carolina Infantry, when volunteering in tfifjt, but most of its Confederate service as Co.A, 43rd North Carolina I mops. The uniform consisted of double-breasted dark blue frock coats, with matching trousers for winter wear and white trousers lor the summer. Dark blue forage caps were also worn.

Edgecombe Guards: ()ne of the lirst unils to volunteer for service during the Civil War, this com pan \ became Co.A, 1 si North Carolina Infantry in the Confederate Army. Its dress

Confederate Chasseur Cap

Tti sand N VSM adopted I hi 4 French chasseur uniform in 1863. The shakos had white plume* 1 undress kepis are worn here); the coat« were dark hlue with light bine trim ,ind white epaulettes with light blue crescents; trousers were sky blue, am! gaiters white. (US Army Military History Institute]

included dark blue single-breasted frock coats for officers with two pairs of gold lace buttonhole patches on each cuff, and another on each side of the standing collar. Epaulettes were gold. Enfield Blues: Seeing Confederate service as Ou.I , tst North Carolina Infantry, the Blues wore bright blue '{unies and pantaloons'.

Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry ! orm-ed in 1793, this is North Carolina's oldest military company. During the t i\ il War it served as Co.H. 1st North Carolina Infantry. Today it survives asan independent company chartered by the state legislature. Ihe uniform included dark blue frock coats with nine white metal buttons down the front and gold edging on the standing collars and shoulder talis. 1 lie kepi and trousers were the same colour as the coat.

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