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Violence against blacks increases

The federal government made a few attempts to restore order in the South and protect the rights of black citizens. Congress conducted an investigation of the Ku Klux Klan and similar organizations in 1871. Afterward, it passed several new laws designed to suppress the groups' terrorist activities. Racially motivated violence became a federal offense. This meant that anyone accused of such crimes would be put on trial in federal courts, where they would be more likely to be convicted than in Southern state and local courts. As a result, most white supremacist organizations disappeared

Communism and the Second Republic 19311934

Revolution, and consequently delegates from Poland and Bulgaria (where Communist terrorists had tried to blow up the entire Bulgarian government three years earlier) protested that their countries whatever the level of economic development had already achieved most of the preconditions for a socialist revolution. The Comintern held that in both types of revolution the Communist Party must bring the majority (sometimes called the decisive strata ) of the proletariat under its own influence. In a concession, the leadership granted that the Bulgarian party had done so at least in part, and the final program of the Sixth Congress concluded that in some of these countries in the second category there is possible a process of a more or less swift growing together of the bourgeois-democratic revolution into the socialist revolution, with particular reference to Poland and Bulgaria.4 The primary emphasis in the 1928 program was on the growth of conflict, especially within capitalist...

The Spanish Civil lMngj6jg

Uniforms Pictures From Gen Franco

By the spring of 1936 it was becoming increasingly evident that Spain was heading for an armed clash between the forces and of the extreme Right and the extreme Left. The moderate Republican government of Madrid was helpless to curb the activities of militants of opposing factions, or to check the tide of political assassinations. Over the period of 16 June to 13 July, terrorists murdered 61 people and wounded a further 224. There were 132 bomb incidents, ten churches and nineteen public buildings were destroyed or badly damaged by fire, ten newspaper offices sacked. Between 15 February and 15 June, 113 general strikes were staged. On 12 July Calv Sotelo, a well-known monarchist was


On Markab, the kamikazes faced the Fifth Lyran Guards RCT. Captured by the Federated Suns during the War of 3039, Markab had been something of a political hot potato within the Combine's Dieron Military District for many years. The battalion sent to the world was hardly enough to be more than an inconvenience for the Fifth Lyran Guards, however. As on Robinson, the Combine MechWarriors targeted industry, government and military targets, though in this instance a number of terrorist bombings late in the night of the 17th cut power and communications to several key areas of the capital city of Cabett, allowing the kamikazes to rampage for more than a full day before the Fifth could finally put them down.


Long before the growing division within the AFFC gripped the Capellan March, Nanking was a world on the brink. When Chancellor Sun-Tzu Laio launched his attacks into the Sarna March In 3057, he ordered the Maskirovka to stir up the populations of the former Capellan worlds in that region, of which Nanking was one. Though the Chancellor was forced to halt his campaign before he could retake more than a handful of the worlds his nation lost to the Federated Suns during the Fourth Succession War. he continued to funnel support to terrorist and other extremist groups located within worlds of the former Sarna March. Nanking was just one of those worlds.


By the beginning of November, it was clear that the mere presence of the Arcturan Guards regiment wasn't nearly enough to suppress the dissidents. A number of terrorist bombings had brought life to a halt several times, followed by rounds of arrests of suspected terrorists. As November dawned, the Arcturan Guards, taking on responsibility for internal security of the world as well, began to round up suspected anti-Katherine protesters and Davionist collaborators. Sparks flew when a prominent journalist and activist was killed by Arcturan Guards personnel, followed by another round of terrorist bombings aimed primarily at military targets. In response to this latest string of bombings, Colonel Blucher activated the Thorin militia, placing it directly under his own command. In that month, Christifori became something of a legend with Thorin's people. Long before troubles even began on Thorin, Christifori was a popular figure not only was he a Clan War hero, but he also owned the largest...

New Avalon

On the 23rd of June, the Archon's supporters secretly staged an incident that would force the hands of all Loyalists on the planet. Loyalist soldiers dressed in the uniforms of the First Davion Guards, the only major unit on New Avalon that had not professed absolute loyalty to the Archon, attacked a number of prime military installations across the world. In response, the Archon ordered the entire RCl to stand down and submit to DMI investigations Into the terrorist activities. Marshal Bishop Sortek, commander of the entire Davion Brigade of Guards and titular leader of the rust Guards, instead suspended the RCT's operations and launched his own investigation into the matter. When the First Guards had yet to give up their arms two days later, the Archon flew into a rage and ordered the entire command arrested, disbanded and stricken from the rolls. Field Marshal Gallagher apparently attempted to speak with Marshal Sortek, but the Guards' commander would not even let Gallagher into...


The battle on Virtue came as a result of a series of accidents that placed two in-transit and opposing forces on the same world at the same time. The Sixth Crucis Lancers initially remained neutral but when their sister regiment, the Seventh, signed on with the Prince, so too did the Sixth. Colonel Patricia Vineman saw the opportunity to escape the terrorist haven of Langhorn and once free of that world's pressures, Vineman began to act more like the superlative commander of old. The Tsamma Lancers RCT sped into the Alarion province, hoping to rendezvous with the Prince before his assault on Alarion. At Virtue, the unit stopped to take on supplies and after four weeks aboard ship give the troops shore leave. a hard-point from which the Lancers would be unable to dislodge them. They did not take into account the Lancers' city-fighting expertise, which a decade of anti-terrorist ops had honed to a fine skill. Lancer special forces picked off Arcturan observation posts and took to...

Terrors Of The Night

After the war, there were many groups of hooded night riders that terrorized ex-slaves, federal officials, Carpetbaggers, and sympathetic Southerners. The lynchings and beatings that they carried out were documented in the Northern press with drawings such as this one. Some groups, such as the Knights of the White Camelia, broke up after their targets had understood that the messages these terrorists conveyed were to be obeyed. The Ku Klux Klan, however, rebuffed calls from many ex-Confederates to disband and set itself up as a powerful and violent underground government in the postwar South.

Popular President

For more than ten years after the Civil War, the South was occupied by federal troops. This period in U.S. history is known as Reconstruction. Former Confederate government officials were prohibited from holding public offices. Confederate veterans were required to take an oath of allegiance to the United States in order to enjoy some of the benefits of citizenship. Some ex-Confederates never regained the right to vote. Meanwhile, newly freed slaves were encouraged to vote in local elections. Several African Americans were appointed to positions in federal and local government, and some became members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ambitious Carpetbaggers moved into towns throughout the South. They started or bought out businesses and took over local government positions. Southerners who cooperated with the Carpetbaggers were called Scalawags. Angry Southerners formed secret terrorist groups that rode out at night and murdered, whipped, or intimidated Carpetbaggers, Scalawags,...

Peasant Risings


Antonov was a radical member of the I.eft Socialist Revolutionary party. He had sided with the Bolsheviks until their absurd farming policies came into effect in 1918. After a number of terrorist attacks lie became something of a popular hero. By November 1920 Antonov was leading an armv of 8,000 men, most of them mounted, on surprise raids against collective farms and railway junctions. He managed to clear Tambov province of ( ommunist authority, but he had greater ambitions, and was determined to march on Moscow.

Lyran Alliance

On Tharkad, General of the Armies Nondi Steiner, the 82 year-old Regent of the Alliance and grandaunt of the warring siblings, threw her weight solidly behind Archon Katherine, communicating with Theater and Kerngebeit commanders throughout the realm. However, while General Steiner made few military moves, she gave the Lyran Intelligence Corps a free hand. Lohengrin anti-terrorist operatives flooded worlds where sympathies leaned toward Victor, seeking to uncover plots against the Archon, while the state terrorists of Loki took direct action against many groups and individuals who supported Victor. Several object lessons warned against rebellion as the Regent sought to smother the nascent conflict. This policy, combined with the independent operation of General Adam Steiner on Newtown Square, very nearly stopped the Lyran side war in its tracks. Unfortunately, that failure and the repercussions of her draconian actions would return to haunt the general.


Operations forces to degrade the enemy's command and control capabilities and heavy reliance on artillery firepower in both the offense and defense) with those of the U.S. Army (for example, the active defense ). To these were added uniquely Yugoslavian elements based on their own combat experience and exercises and combining the use of regular, partisan, and irregular TO forces. Inasmuch as the JNA's defense doctrine envisioned a rather short period of conventional warfare followed by an extended guerrilla campaign, emphasis was placed on the conduct of both large- and small-scale guerrilla raids, ambushes, and terrorist actions throughout enemy-held territory. Consequently, territorial defense personnel received a good deal of training in small-unit tactics, special operations, and the employment of snipers all of which figured prominently in the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Other Actions

Potroy's troops had killed or arrested more than a hundred so-called terrorists and claimed that Potterton was on the run. Nevertheless, some underground revolutionary cells formed and began to fight a terrorist war against Roland and Pory. The underground revolutionaries could do little directly against Pory's armed soldiers, though. Instead, their attacks were meant to keep the Loyalists off balance and fearful. Unfortunately, each of their attacks only brought further retaliation against Kentares' innocent civilians. ber of small-scale revolts and deal with Capellan-sponsored terrorist activity, but the world itself would remain free, an integral part of the defensive line against the Confederation.

A life of freedom

Kkk Capturing Black Man

After the war, there were many groups of hooded night riders that terrorized ex-slaves, federal officials, Carpetbaggers, and sympathetic Southerners. The lynchings and beatings that they carried out were documented in the Northern press with drawings such as this one. Some groups, such as the Knights of the White Camelia, broke up after their targets had understood that the messages these terrorists conveyed were to be obeyed. The Ku Klux Klan, however, rebuffed calls from many ex-Confederates to disband and set itself up as a powerful and violent underground government in the postwar South. When freedmen were given the right to vote, some former Confederates organized themselves into terrorist bands to intimidate them. The Ku Klux Klan was the most famous of these groups. Early in Reconstruction, its members would burst into the homes of black people and tell the men Do not vote for any Carpetbaggers.

The Free Skye Revolt

The apparent leader of the rebellion was John Claverhouse Dundee, a former member of Duke Robert's staff, who assumed the title of General of the Armies of Skye. April 29 saw an assassination attempt on General Dundee, which the provisional Skye leadership placed squarely at the door of the Alliance's Loki terrorist operatives. Dundee was unharmed in the attempt but two of his bodyguards received fatal wounds. The assailant fled the scene and Dundee used the press conference that followed the gun battle to call on all supports of Skye to rally to the cause and drive the despised Lyran tyrants from their borders.

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