Sergeant Major (jenerall Brown.

Together with the Cipher which the Lord Digby fent him for that purpofe.

Printed for Laurence (BUikleck, and are to be fold at the Signe of the Sugar-loaf at Temple-Bar.

Militia that it was preferable to campaign away from London than at its gates. The soldiers illustrated here are typical of those who fought in a series of campaigns in southern England in 1643 and 1644 with the armies of the Earl of Essex and Sir William Waller.

Fi: Officer

This man wears a gold-stitched buff coat over his civilian clothes and lets fall the elaborate ieading-stafF which is his symbol of rank as he realises that his orders will cause the loss of so many of his men. He wears an orange sash which indicates his allegiance to the Earl of Essex as his general. Since the withdrawal of Sir William Waller's independent commission on 9 October his officers would wear Essex's colours.

Fs: Ensign

This officer has the duty of preserving his company's ensign, if necessary at the cost of his own life. He wears blackened armour over his buff coat. Note the dent in his breastplate: the armourer who made it would claim this was the result of firing a

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