Jamestown monticello

\ Big South. Fork


July 4; Morgan btfôs ^nqjaalk fbr ipai&^pgsse? |iiro.i%h felina ar^ iutoKfiniudT \

JjjJy.D; ftwgaii lOut&'U^^cwal^.at^ TorükijisviUe, Moves on to Glasgow/ Morgan's telegrapher tops mtoJMoa communications cnablingMorgan to ceüna'

July 12: Raiders täte Lebanon, inflict jacks!

Montgomery or Morgan C.H

Cross ville sparta

0 20 MILES

mt. vernon


$100,000 damaged military stores, seize 1 200 prisoners and smashCentml / r

Kcntacky railroad faciliiies ... . |'s

July 14: Morgan crosses Kentucky River.. s,w/ hoping to ste&e Lexington, Warned .that several thousand Federals are stationed Cookville '

round the tiiy, Morgan beads for Cyntliiaria f^N jqly 17: After bitter fighting, Morgan — fords Licking River under heavy fire while some of his men enter Cynthians. Morgan, then turns southward

©Morgan's men withdraw via Paris, Richmond and Crab Orchard; recross Cumberland on 22nd, fLnishing raid at Livingston

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