2,3Qpnt: Scouts report Rosecrans's ' ' approach. Hebert's brigade (Little's ┬┐vision) is; detached to engage Federals.

2 44.30pm Heben collides with Sanborn's. "" Union brigade. Intense combat develops over possession of Federal batter}1 whsdiis punishing Hebert

3"*'', 4.30-5pnn little brings up. Martin V "J brigade in support of Hebert's assaults. Confederates drive Sanborn back and seize battery, little is killed

5-Bpin Hamilton counterattacks Batten' dianges hand?: sererat times.'Rosecrans throws in pan of Stanley's division. Darkies halts the battle

, Sepi 19-20, night Price retreats down '' Fulton Road

Sept 20, dawn: Ewtrans enters lula to find Price gone; ordere puisiit

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