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4 tupelo j March 1-April 5: Grant transports his

- Arm}K)fWest"Teniiesse€^..0¥er SfMiOQ—I men - into southwest Tennessee. Establishes it at Pittsburg landing, and awaits Buell's army

©March 1: Johnston transports,55;0G6 Confederates to Corinth to defend the Memphis and Charleston Railroad

April 3: Johnston advances toward Pittsburg Landing. Rain and bad roads delay his advance

^ . April 6: Johnston launches surprise

- attack on Federals new madrid jgiforl Pillow


30 km

In the gray light of dawn, April 6, a small Federal reconnaissance discovered Johnston's army deployed for battle astride the Corinth road, just a mile beyond the forward Federal camps. Storming forward, the Confederates found the Federal position unfortified. Johnston had achieved almost total surprise. By mid-morning, the Confederates seemed within easy reach of victory, overrunning one frontline Union division and capturing its camp. However, stiff resistance on the Federal right entangled Johnston's brigades in a savage fight around Shiloh Church. Throughout the day, Johnston's army hammered the Federal right, which gave ground but did not break. Casualties upon this brutal killing ground were immense.

Meanwhile, Johnston's flanking attack stalled in front of Sarah Bell's peach orchard and the dense oak thicket labeled

30 Miles the "hornet's nest" by the Confederates. Grant's left flank withstood Confederate assaults for seven crucial hours before being forced to yield ground in the late afternoon. Despite inflicting heavy casualties and seizing ground, the Confederates only drove Grant towards the river, instead of away from it. The Federal survivors established a solid front before Pittsburg Landing and repulsed the last Confederate charge as dusk ended the first day of fighting.

(] 3'j 3-5.30pm:| Massed Confederate artillery ; forces Federal artillery to withdraw from the center! Wallace and Prentiss's troops surrounded and surrender lia&4t>m: Chalmers and Jackson assault Stuart, buKConiederale attack stalls. Federal all attacks discovers Confederates in Fraley Field. Federals skirmish, then fall back

6.30-9am: Johnston maneuvers eight brigades to overrun Prentiss's camps, routing the Union division

(Í 4) 5.30-6.30pm: Confederates attempt to cross Dill Branch ravine and assault Union line, but are repulsed and retire into captured Union cámps

Noon-2.3Gpm: Sherman and 11 McQernand counterattack driving. Confederates south, but weakened by-losses, Federals with draw across Tilghman Branch

/O) 7-1 Oam: Sherman's division repulses Confederates, inflicting heavy casualties. Johnston sends five brigades to attack Sherman's left flank. Sherman-falls back on McClemand's division

Noon-3.30pm: Gibson's Confederates assault Federal center three times and are repulsed.. Confederates come under murderous fire in impenetrable oak thicket

10-11.30am: Confederates assault Shermanand.McClernand:on. the Hamburg - Purdey road, driving back Union right flank l-4pm: Johnston orders attack against Federal left, forcing them back. Johnston killed; succeeded by Beauregard. Hurlbut's division again stalls Confederates, but then retires toward Pittsburg landing j

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