By mid-morning on April 12, Forrest bad hemmed in the Union garrison at Fort Pillow. In the final assault, fighting dismounted, Confederates stormed the fort. Union soldiers fled to the river and were caught in a murderous hail of small arms fire. Excessive killing occurred and Forrest was accused of murdering black prisoners (see map below). Nine days later, Forrest thundered into sleeping Memphis, narrowly missing capturing Gen. Hurlbut. Gen. Washburn also escaped by scampering out of the back of Federal headquarters in his nightshirt, and fleeing to Fort Pickering. H$ving stirred up a hornet's nest, Forrest withdrew.

I Capture of Fort Pillow

April 12, 1864

I Capture of Fort Pillow

April 12, 1864


June 10.9.45 -10.30am: Grierson's cavalry seizes crossroads. Federals »Bide with 'Confederate brigade on Raldwvn Read, opening.batlle. Heavily outnumbered. Forrest "shws-figh't", while «siting for ■reinforcements.

brice's Crossroads

June 10, 1864

f*2\ I013fc-l.M[ra: As soon as three " brigades of rcuttorremenLs arrive, Forrest throws [hem into action Griersoa is _ forccd'tad w.a setirid.iine-

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