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Boastful, Imprudent and unpopular with his men, Brig. Gen. John Pope (right) proclaimed that he would have his "headquarters in the saddle" - Confederate satirists declared that he was placing his headquarters where his hindquarters should be.

" ^ o long as the interests of our country are entrusted to a lying braggart like Pope, we have little reason to hope successfully to compete with an army led by Lee, Johnston and old 'Stonewall' Jackson."

A Union officer after Second Manassas.

The Union retreat became a disorganised flight, with the beaten troops ignoring the attempts of their officers to instil order and discipline (right). Recriminations were rife and Lincoln quickly decided to give command to Gen. George B. McClellan .

Defense of Chinn Ridge

August 30, 1862

known to Pope, Lee and Longstreet - with 30,000 reinforcements - had marched through Thoroughfare Gap and joined Jackson during the day, extending the Confederate right.

On August 30, at 3 pm, 10, 000 Federals assaulted Jackson's position at the Deep Cut, and were decimated. As the surviving Federals fell back, Lee unleashed Longstreet on Pope's left. Pope tried to stave off disaster with a makeshift line at Chinn Ridge. When it collapsed under relentless Confederate pressure, the Federals pieced together one final defense on Henry Hill. These lines gave Pope the time he needed to evacuate his army across Bull Run creek.

For the next two days, Lee's Confederates pursued the retreating Federals. On September 1, amid a torrential thunderstorm, Jackson harried a portion of Pope's column at Chantilly. The Federals escaped into the Washington defenses, but Lee saw the way open for a move into Maryland. The Confederates lost 9,197 men at Second Manassas and the Federals 16,054.

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