Meade'swhdrawal and forced to hack (y\ Nov 7: Meade overruns the il i.. L_____/'rtnfpJprot/a npfohiipro nt

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Rappahannock Station capturing 1,800 Confederates (¿ee map right) Oct 14: A. P. Hill's Confederates recklessly pitch into the Federals at r Nov 27: Advancing on Lee's right Bristoe Stauon, repulsed with severe flank, French's III Corps blunders into losses (see map left) an unexpected battle with Johnson's division of EwellYCorps at Payne's Oct 15-18: Meade selects ástrong ¡Farm defensive line; Lee refuses to attack and returns to the Rappahannock 9) Nov 27: Meade's offensive against Lee's

■—J ricrhr sfalls whpn nnnfpilpr^tps at right stalls when Confederates at Robertson's Tavern fall back behind

Mine Run and dig in (see map-above)

Oct 20: Stuart ambushes the Federal cavalry at Buckland Mills, calling the rout "the Buckland Races"

Nov 30: Meade cancels a major attack (g) Nov 7: Meade sends French's III Corps (To)in the face of strengt'lene(i ^ to demonstrate against Kelly's Ford to Confederate fortifications, and hold Lee's attention (see map lop right) withdraws behind the Rapidan River

Union artillery in action at Kelly's Ford (right). The -Union batteries succeeded in breaking the Confederate line and the pursuing Federals waded across the river in their anxiety to crush the retreating enemy.

Past experience had shown that the weakest part of a defensive line at Rappahannock was Kelly's Ford, where the south bank was lower than the north. On November 7, the Federals constructed a pontoon bridge which enabled them to send substantial reinforcements to the south bank, capturing two regiments assigned to picket duty by Rodes. (see map right).

poor weather, difficult river crossings, troops losing their way, and a surprise battle at Payne's Farm, Meade could not advance his army before Lee concentrated his forces behind powerful works along Mine Run. Faced with Lee's extensive fortifications, Meade canceled his offensive and withdrew across the Rapidan on December 1

Neither army could gain a decisive advantage in the stalemated Virginia theater. Federal and Confederate soldiers retired into their winter encampments, where they rested while their generals prepared for the next campaign.

News of the Federal attack at Kelly's Ford became relatively insignificant when Early reported that Union troops had successfully stormed and overrun the north bank entrenchments at Rappahannock Station, killing or capturing two Confederate brigades as well as negating his plans for a counteroffensive and necessitating a Confederate withdrawal (see map right).

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