As an experiment with heavy guns, . to test their endurance under the severest trial to which they could possibly be subjected in actual service, the results were ... highly interesting and novel."

Gen. Q. Gillmore commenting on the operation of the "Swamp Angel.

Fort Wagner

July 10- September 6, 1863

Cuvimiiig-'* Ptj

Brig. Gen. Quincy Gillmore, commander of the Union land forces, who ordered the construction of the

Swamp Angel" in an attempt to compel the surrender of Fort Wagner (below).

the third time, bombarding the Confederates for nearly two full days. Realizing their position was hopeless, the Confederates retired under cover of darkness, leaving the Federals to occupy the fort. Despite this Fed -eral victory, Charleston continued to hold out.

Marsh battery (nicknamed "The Swamp Angel"), the Union battery designed and constructed by Col. E. W. Sewell of the New York Engineers, which fired 35 missiles into Charleston. On the thirty sixth round the-eight-inch 200-pound Parrott rifle gun exploded (above).

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