Louisa C.H.


Beaver Dam Station


MOVERS, jction

June 7: Sherigaa^force legw^thfe^ _ Spotsylvania area to-raid Railroad again, and distract Cotifeaefat^ attention from Grants frossing-o£J.aHies-River ../


King William C.H, iNOVERTC

June 11, early am: Sheridan's force fired / on by the Confederate .skirmishers near )i Trevilian Station. Gen. Hamp'ton!s force U riding from Affee'sStation arrives at'the Y railroad .

Mitfiftmi Brid/c

1V7tile House

June 11-12: Cavalry battle at..Trevilrao Station i the bloodiest cavaliTactioiu£__ the war - ensues between Hampton' s -Confederates and Sheridan. Sheridan"" eventually withdraws




June 12, night: Under cowr^f clarkness Sheridan crosses North Anna and begins return march

June 21: Sheridan reaches White House Landing

Malvern Hill

Hiixaü's Landing

June 28: Sheridan rejoins Army of the Potomac at Petersburg fiuda hdrni


Shot through the side, f.E.B. Stuart was just thirty-one"VV;, years old when he was killed. Though one of the South's most popular generals, more recent assessments have cast doubt on Stuarfs abilities, attributing his successes to luck rather than skill. Nevertheless, he was a bold commander who held the affection and respect of his men (below).

10 miles

Go back! Go back and do your duty, as I have done mine, an

VJ duty, as I have done mine, and our country will be safe. Go back, go back!"

Gen. Philip Sheridan and his staff (below), as photographed by Matthew Brady around the time of his two raids.

Maj. Gen. David Hunter (above), who was given the task of subjugating the Shenandoah Valley. Hunter's despoliation of the valley's riches was ferocious, and the general tended to express pride in his achievements rather than regret them as military necessities.

Battle of New Market

May 15, 1864


Forrest i

-, MassanuUm


lubav massanutt!

New .1 Market


Mt Jackson


New Market


conrad's stc


— Shenandoah valley from Cedar Creek

(2) May 12: Confederates gather at Staunton under Breckinridge J /'

May IS: Breckinridge defeats-Sigel abC,,^ N ew Marker,- forcing Sigel to retreat back to Cedar Gedi flshersviui , i

May 26: Hunter replaces Sigel and' sets out for the upper valley

June2:.HurjefíncountersConfedérate cavafry^at Mount, Crawford ,

June 5: Federals;defeat Confederates 2: s Piedmont and the Confederate ' ' commander, Jones, is-killed

¡J) Jones's Confederates, now under

Imboden, rttrtii to Fisheriville-" / J

Waynesboro \


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