c. Kjmball's and Beatty's divisions of Wofci'ilV Corps assaiTConfederate cerpter

, tare pm: Wilson's. and Smith's attack drivls Confederates from Hillsboro Pike/ Hoof withdrawS'tG'line covering the .GraniV ^{fe. and Franklin Pikes

Dec I6,\0am: Steedni&i, attacks Confederate right on Qvertbn Hill, and' is: repulsed \ V."

, Noon: Wilson Reaches rear of Confederate lefk c. 3.30pm: Beany an\ Steedman make another unsuccessful federal attack on Overton Hill \

4pm: Elements of Smith's cor|is, break Confederate line at Shy's Hill \

c. 4.30pm: Wilson attacks Confederate left from south, Schofield from west, and Smith from north, routing Cheatham's and Stewart's corps

Evening and night: Remnants of Cheatham's and Smith's corps flee south along Granny Smith Pike

Dispatch from Hood, December IS.


Fl. Garshee

MrB Hardin


TKoSrföcäerson h son


Hàhm Adams ry \_jl. The following morning the opening Federal i Mrs. Hagaus attack un the

^^'•^vvv^ Confederate right on : \ , Overton Hill was

\— repulsed. But a massive ^ assault on Hood's forces ^ on Sly's Hill, combined ^ with Wilson's cavalry attack, routed the Confederates and sent them 5treamwg-south down the Granny Smith Pike (see map right)

F- Thompson


xxx fj. Johns

SfEED.VUN jf jKiUmnn S

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