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Winchester wilson spreading it from Martinsburg to Winchester. When Sheridan learned this, he advanced immediately against Winchester. Early barely had time to reconcentrate his army before the Federals attacked on September 19. Sheridan appeared to be stalemated - despite a series of heavy frontal assaults on the enemy - when the Federal cavalry crushed the Confederate left flank, forcing Early off the field. Sheridan lost 5,018 men to Early's 3,921.

Early tried to rally his defeated army and make a stand south of Strasburg, choosing the formidable heights of Fisher's Hill to position his army. A month previously She ridan had elected not to attack this strong line, but now the Federals were flushed with success. Sheridan decided to flank Early's entrenched stronghold by marching to the west, along the face of Little North Mountain. The Confederates were shocked when, on September 22, the Federal troops descended on them, savaging their left flank. They fled their defenses, and Sheridan's soldiers overran the hill. The Federals sustained 528 casualties, inflicting 1,235 on the Confederates.


\ .Battle of Winchester

'is \l7inal phase




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