Ragged Mt.

March attach Banks

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Jackson leaves the vnliey : turns by nul at Medium River


May: 6ijoitimgjohnson s commai S j un ton Jjàtiii pushes west to ■;Frë[nonl:" '


-May 8; Jarbon defeats the van of FreinonLiarmy at McDowell

'May 12: Jackson pursues Fremont Firmkjin before backtracking to th

May 20: Jackson starts down shifts to the Luray Valley at 1


May 23: United with Ewell, overruns the garrison at Fr

Medium Miti


May 25: Jackson defeats Banks in battle of Winchester and captures nville

10 Miles

The brigade of Maj. Gen. Richard Stoddart Ewell, nicknamed "Old Baldy," (below) arrived at Cross Keys just when it was most needed. The presence of Ewell's command meant that the Confederates outnumbered the Federals by two to one.

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