and musketry in our front. Every discharge made sad havoc in our line."

When a shell tore off the right arm of the 13th North Carolina's colour-bearer, he shifted his standard to his other arm and continued while screaming, "Forward, forward!" Scales himself was wounded in the leg. In a span of about fifteen minutes, Scales' Brigade suffered more than 500 casualties including 55 of 56 field officers. The solid lines dissolved into squad-sized knots.

Only with difficulty could the survivors be rallied through the exertions of General Pender and his staff as well as the wounded General Scales, Later in the evening, the acting brigade commander could find only 500 men, and they In a "depressed, dilapidated, and almost unorganised condition."

On the opposite flank, Lane's Brigade overlapped the

Approx. 1600 hours - Pender commits his Division against Seminary Ridge as the Federal's northern front crumbles.

opposing infantry. However, Gamble's Union cavalry, which was posted at right angles to Lane's line of advance, remained very active. As the Brigade advanced it drifted to its right and away from the main combat along Seminary Ridge. Emerging from the woods, the Brigade received enfilading fire that considerably slowed its advance. The Brigade then double-quicked ahead and drove off the cavalry occupying the woods to its front.

Lane's Brigade had manoeuvred very cautiously. At one point the rarest of events on a Civil War battlefield occurred when some of Lane's men apparently formed

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