Army Corps Reserve Artillery

Colonel John Thompson Brown 4 Staff and Field Officers

Accordingly, Dance's Battalion, which had been a fixture in II Corps Reserve Artillery, remained. Its sister unit, Mcintosh's Battalion, transferred to III Corps Reserve. Replacing Mcintosh's was Nelson's Battalion, which as recently as the Chancellorsville Campaign had been part of the now disbanded general army reserve. Pendleton described Nelson as a "gallant and efficient" officer. Colonel John T. Brown remained in command of II Corps Reserve Artillery.

After entering the Shenandoah Valley, Dance's Battalion participated in the combats around Winchester. Its fire support assisted the infantry to capture four 20-pounder Parrott rifles along with seventeen 3-inch rifles. The Confederate gunners in the Corps Reserve exchanged their worn pieces for

Nelson's Battalion of Artillery

Lieutenant-Colonel William Nelson 9 Staff and Field Officers

Amherst Artillery (Virginia)

Captain Thomas Jeilis Kirkpartick (105 troops present for duty equipped) 4 pieces

Fluvanna Artillery (Virginia)

Captain John Livingston Massie (90 troops present for duty equipped) 4 pieces

Georgia Regular Battery

Captain John Mi Hedge, Jr. (73 troops present for duty equipped) 3 pieces

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