Pender's Division - Perrîn's Brigade


Colonel Abner Monroe Perrin 4 Staff and Field Officers

As one of only two South Carolina brigades in the Army of Northern Virginia, Colonel Abner Perrin's Brigade carried a proud reputation. It had earned renown under the command of BrigadierGeneral Maxey Gregg during the Seven Days' Battles.

Composed of some of the finest soldiers South Carolina had to contribute to the cause, its regiments included men from the 1st Volunteers who formed the 1st Regiment, Provisional Army, as well as the 1st

Rifles, the so called "Orr's Rifles." From Seven Days' on, the Brigade had the same organisation it was to have at Gettysburg. As part of A.P. Hill's Light Division, it suffered dearly at Gaines' Mill and Glendale, losing 929 men.

It took part in all of the Light Division's exploits during the remainder of 1862. In furious fighting, the Brigade suffered another 722 casualties at Second Manassas. After participating in the capture of Harper's Ferry, it conducted the speed march to Sharpsburg where it pitched in against the Federal left flank. Among its 165

casualties was Lieutenant-Colonel Perrin, who received a wound.

At Fredericksburg the brigade lost its fearless leader Gregg among its 363 casualties. The Brigade's senior

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