Edward Stephens Mccarthy

Troup Artillery (Georgia)

1st Richmond Howitzers (Virginia)

Captain Henry H. Carlton

Captain Edward Stephens McCarthy

(90 troops present for duty equipped)

{90 troops present for duty equipped)

4 pieces

4 pieces

I CSA Army Corps - Pickett's Division

In February 1862 Brigadier-General George Pickett assumed command of a Virginia brigade that had been left leaderless when its commander,

Major-General George Edward Pickett, age 38 at Gettysburg, was last in his class at West Point. Undeterred, he became a career soldier whose meticulous attention to his grooming belied his hard-charging battlefield conduct.

Brigadier-General Philip Cocke, committed suicide. This brigade, which Richard Garnett would lead at Gettysburg, earned the nickname the "Game Cock Brigade" during the fighting at Williamsburg, Seven Pines, and Gaines' Mill. At Gaines' Mill Pickett suffered a shoulder wound that knocked him out of action for three months.

After reporting for duty in September 1862, Pickett received a sudden promotion to major-general, The promotion came because of Longstreet's friendship which dated back to the Mexican War.

Probably Longstreet was also repaying an emotional debt that had arisen when Pickett showed great kindness to Longstreet when that officer's children died the previous winter.

Initially the Division comprised Pickett's old brigade commanded by Garnett, Kemper's Brigade, and a South Carolina Brigade commanded by BrigadierGeneral Jenkins. During the refit around Winchester. Virginia after the Sharpsburg Campaign, Armistead's Brigade joined the Division. November found the Division in the Fredericksburg area where BrigadierGeneral Corse's Brigade joined the Division. With this structure, the three brigades that were to march to Gettysburg - Garnett's, Kemper's, and Armistead's along with Dearlng's four-battery artillery battalion -had formally taken their place. At Fredericksburg the Division was very lightly engaged and did not suffer a single fatality.


Major-General George Edward Pickett 11 Staff ancf Field Officers

Garnett's Brigade 1,459 Kemper's Brigade 1,634 Armistead's Brigade 1,950 Dearing's Artillery Battalion 419

Pickett's Division missed the Chancellorsville Campaign because it was on detached service with Longstreet. It endured a bleak ten-day march in snow

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