William Jones' Brigade had previously been associated with the Division but generally had served on detached duty.

An engagement that was to prove critical to the Gettysburg Campaign occurred at Brandy Station on June 9, 1863. A Federal cavalry offensive surprised Stuart's command and the biggest cavalry engagement of the war ensued. Here, along with about 530 other casualties, Robert E. Lee's son, "Rooney" Lee, received a serious wound. Colonel John Chambliss, who formerly had led the 13th Virginia Cavalry, assumed command. Although Brandy Station was a tactical draw, the fact that Stuart had been surprised both embarrassed him and brought down a barrage of popular criticism. He resolved to lead his Division on some dashing exploit to remove the stain.

First the Division fought a series of combats along the Blue Ridge Mountain passes in an effort to screen the infantry's march through the Shenandoah Valley. With the Federal cavalry blocked from penetrating west of the Blue Ridge, Stuart proposed to Lee that he could operate east of the mountains to harass Hooker's army as it marched to parallel Lee's advance.

On June 22 Lee wrote to Stuart, If Stuart determined that Hooker was moving northward he could, leaving two brigades to guard the mountain passes, "move with the other three into Maryland, and take position on General Ewell's right, place yourself In communication with him, guard his flank, and keep him informed of the enemy's movements." The next day Lee added, "You will, however, be able to judge whether you can pass around their army without hindrance, doing them all the damage you can." Stuart seized upon this as permitting a grand raid that would restore his reputation,

Stuart chose his three favourite brigades: Hampton's, Fltz Lee's, and "Rooney" Lee's (commanded by


Brigadier-General Albert Gallatin Jenkins 4 Staff and Field Officers

14th Regiment Virginia Cavalry

Co Ion el Charles Edmonson Th orb urn 265 troops present for duty equipped

16th Regiment Virginia Cavalry

Colonel Milton J. Ferguson 265 troops present for duty equipped

17th Regiment Virginia Cavalry

Colonel William Henderson French 241 troops present for duty equipped

34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry

Lieutenant-Colonel Vincent Addison Witcher 172 troops present for duty equipped

36th Battalion Virginia Cavalry

Colonel Charles E. Thorburn 125 troops present for duty equipped

Kanawha Horse Artillery (Virginia)

Cap fain Thomas E. Jackson 107 troops present for duty equipped


Colonel John Randolph Chambliss, Jr.

4 Staff and Field Officers

19th North Carolina State Troops

10th Regiment Virginia Cavalry

(2nd Cavalry)

Colonel James Lucius Davis

Lieutenant-Colonel William H.F. Payne

236 troops present for duty equipped

145 troops present for duty equipped

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