Major William Hubbard Peebles

364 troops present for duty equipped

Co. A

Weems Guards

Co. B

Jasper Volunteers

Co. C

Johnson Guards

Co. D

Estes Guards

Co. E

Freeman Volunteers

Co. F

Putnam Volunteers

Co. G

Huie Guards

Co. H

Pike County Volunteers

Co. I

Morgan and Henry Volunteers

Co. K

Greene County Volunteers

Rodes' Division - Iverson's Brigade

The Brigade, under the command of BrigadierGeneral Samuel Garland, saw its introduction to combat during the Seven Days' Battles, Here it suffered 844 casualties including a serious wound to Colonel Alfred Iverson. Jr. of the 20th North Carolina.

Brigadier-General Alfred Iverson, Jr. aged 34, began his military career in the Mexican War at age 17. His father's friendship with Jefferson Davis may have played a role in his rise to brigade command.


Brigadier-General Alfred iverson, Jr. 4 Staff and Field Officers

The Brigade was reunited with Iverson at the Battle of South Mountain in September 1862. When Garland went down with a mortal wound, the Brigade routed, losing 187 men missing although Iverson was able to rally the 20th North Carolina late in the day. The colonel temporarily in command at Sharpsburg failed to impress army commander Lee. Consequently, during the army reorganisation in November, Lee promoted Iverson to brigadier-general and brigade command.

The Brigade was not impressed with their leader. Iverson had feuded with his subordinates while colonel of the 20th. Although the Brigade remained in reserve

5th North Carolina State Troops

Captain Speight B. Westi Captain Benjamin Robinson 473 troops present for duty equipped

Cos. A thru K. All Company names not available.

at Fredericksburg, internal difficulties continued into the winter. On the eve of the Chancellorsville Campaign, Iverson ran foul of Stonewall Jackson. The Brigade was on the far left of the first line during Jackson's flank attack at Chancellorsville. Here it suffered 470 casualties. When Iverson went to the rear on the purported mission of seeking support for his own left flank, many in the Brigade concluded that he was shirking.

Iverson's mediocre performance, vindictive nature, rumours that he had been promoted because of family influence, and hints of cowardice worried the Brigade,

12th Regiment North Carolina Troops

Lieutenent-Colonel William Smith Davis 219 troops present for duty equipped

Co. A Catawba Rifles

Co, B Townsville Guards

Co. C Warren Rifles

Co. D Granville Greys

Co. E Cleveland Guards

Co, F Warren Guards

Co. G Halifax Light Infantry

Co. H Nash Boys

Co. I Name not available

Co. K Name not available

20th Regiment North Carolina Troops

Lieutenant-Colonel Nelson Slough I Captain Louis T, Hicks 372 troops present for duty equipped


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