his supply base at Catlett's Station. Always eager for public acclaim, Stuart led the Division, now expanded by the addition of Brigadier-General Beverly Robertson's Brigade, on a second ride around McClellan during the Maryland Campaign of 1862.

For the Fredericksburg Campaign, Brigadier-General W.H.F. Lee's Brigade joined the Division. After this campaign, elements of the Division raided to within a few miles of the defences of Washington, D C.

Army commander Lee summoned three Virginia cavalry brigades to strengthen his mounted arm for the invasion of the North. They included Brigadier-General Albert Jenkins' Brigade, which previously had operated in the mountains of western Virginia. Its troopers were accustomed to guerrilla warfare featuring raid and counter-raid. Assigned to screen the advance of Ewell's Corps, Jenkins' Brigade failed dismally, its men preferring to pillage civilians rather than to serve as a useful advance guard. In contrast, Brigadier-General


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