5th Virginia Infantry Regiment

33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

Colonel John Henry Stover Funk

Captain Jacob Burner Golladay

345 troops present for duty equipped

236 troops present for duty equipped

ordered the Division to occupy Culp's Hill if the enemy was not there. In near darkness the Division followed the route of the Gettysburg and York Railroad to the northeast of town. It deployed about a mile northeast of Culp's Hill, just north of the Hanover Road. When scouting parties revealed the hill to be occupied, Johnson did not engage. Pickets were thrown forward and the men slept on their arms.


Colonel Jesse Milton Williams

3 Staff and Field Officers

1st Louisiana Infantry Regiment

14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Nolan

Lieutenant-Colonel David Zable

172 troops present for duty equipped

281 troops present for duty equipped

2nd Louisiana Infantry Regiment

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