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Brigadier-General John Brown Gordon 6 Staff and Field Officers

Brigadier-General John Brown Gordon, age 31, was a lawyer from Georgia. Accompanied on campaign throughout the war by his wife, when she went to the rear, his men that battle was imminent.

13th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Colonel James Milton Smith 312 troops present for duty equipped

Co. A Confederate Guards Co. B Meriwether Volunteers

Co. C Ringgold Rangers

Co. D Upson Volunteers

Co. E Randolph Volunteers

Co. F Fayette Rangers Co. G Early Guards

Co. H Panola Rifles

Co. I Stark Volunteers Co. K Evans Guards retake Marye's Heights. According to a soldier in the 13th Georgia, Gordon said, "Wait until you get up close to the heights. Let every man raise a yell and take those heights...Will you do it? I ask you to go no farther than I am willing to lead!" Such inspirational leadership

26th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Colonel Edmund Nathan Atkinson 315 troops present for duty equipped

Co. A Brunswick Riflemen

Co. B Mcintosh County Guards

Co. C Piscola Volunteers

Co. D Seaboard Guards

Co. E Wiregrass Minute Men

Co. F Ware Guards Co. G Okefenokee Rifles

Co. H Bartow Light Infantry

Co. 1 Faulk Invincibles Co. K Forest Rangers

31st Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Colonel Clement Anselm Evans 252 troops present for duty equipped

Co. A Georgia Light Infantry

Co, B Muscogee Confederates

Co. C Mitchell Guards

Co. D Monroe Crowders

Co. E Bartow Guards

Co. F Pulaski Blues

Co. G Name not available

Co. H Mountain Tigers

Co. I Arnet Rifles

Co. K Bartow Avengers completely won over the Brigade. As another veteran recalled, Gordon was "the most prettiest thing you ever did see on a field of fight." He would "put fight into a whipped chicken just to look at him."

Before the Gettysburg Campaign, the Brigade's officers unanimously petitioned that Gordon remain in command. One officer added the condition that Gordon not address them before they went into battle.

38th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Captain William L. McLeod 341 troops present for duty equipped


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